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Gorilla Mill “Stomping the Snot” At Industry Challenge II

WAUKESHA, Wis. (Nov. 14, 2017) – In 2015 Gorilla Mill’s 5-Flute Phenom was invited by a very large aerospace manufacturer to compete in the Industry Challenge II milling performance testing in Rotherham, England against 10 major end mill manufacturers and crushed it in the “High Velocity, Exceeds Expectations” category. 

The Industry Challenge II took place at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMCR) and welcomed end mill manufacturers from around the world. The challenge consisted of three stages of testing over several months. After testing concluded, Gorilla Mill’s 5-Flute Phenom proved to “Exceed Expectations” with an absolute minimal amount of chipping and wear while maintaining the most consistent wear pattern along the cutting edges.

Kevin Cranker, President of Gorilla Mill, shares his pride and hopes for Gorilla Mill’s future. “We learned a lot from the Industry Challenge II. We knew we made a great tool, but we now have some more firepower in our back pocket that we have incorporated into all of our tooling based on stomping the snot out of titanium at the Challenge.”

The 1-1/4” Gorilla Mill 5-Flute Phenom ran at the following parameters:

Axial DOC: 2.00”
Radial DOC: 0.020”
RPM: 1528
IPM: 75.0”
0.0024 CLPT with chip thinning
SFM: 500
Water Soluble Coolant
Run Time: 60 minutes, 82 passes
After 60 minutes at 500 SFM in 6AL4V Titanium the wear on the cutting edge of the Phenom was less than .001



Gorilla Mill Phenom:

Based off the original 5-flute Gorilla Mill, the Gorilla Mill Phenom is built tough for high temperature alloys. Its GMS2 heat resistant coating and geometric enhancements allow for increased speeds and feeds on difficult-to-machine materials including: Inconel, Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Rene, Stellite, 17-4 SS, 15-5 SS, 13-8 SS, Titanium and etc.

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